Today was the second round of presentations from the Collaborative Film Project. I’ll admit that I was frustrated with the way the class way run today. The group that went before my group took over an hour to present their project. Even after they were informed of the fact they went over their time and we took a break, they still came back up after the break to continue presenting. I have an issue with this for two reasons. The first reason is that, no matter how interesting their presentation may have been, it was extremely difficult to sit there and listen to them talk for over an hour. I know that the syllabus specified the presentation should be about 30 minutes, which I imagine was so that everyone had time to present and that they presentations were succinct and to the point. Even if I wasn’t part of the part that had to follow that incredibly long presentation I would have been frustrated. It just doesn’t make any sense to me to allow a group to go on for so long just because they wanted to.

The second reason I was frustrated was because my group had to follow the presentation and if we wanted to take as much time as the previous group to present, we couldn’t because the class was going to end in about 45 minutes. I had to rush through my own presentation because I didn’t feel there was enough time left in the class for me to comfortably discuss the film we chose.