Hello everyone! My name is Crystal Jimenez and this is my ENGL 495 ESM blog. I’m currently a senior at CSUN and am looking forward to graduating at the end of the semester with a bachelors degree in English and a single-subject teaching credential.

As I begin my career as a teacher, I am learning how valuable tech ology can be in the classroom. One of the biggest impacts technology has made in my class is the ability to provide feedback to students almost instantly. When my students receive more feedback on their writing they are better able to revise and adjust their work, making them better writers.

I also notice that students are much more eager to participate in class when we use technology. It seems as though they don’t view using iPads as actual school work and they get excited to work together. The majority of my students are exceedingly able to use computers, smart phones, and tablets and enjoy learning through this new medium.